The Six Major Periods Of Western Civilization

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The Six Major Periods of Western Civilization Most of the occurrences in history have shaped the present society significantly. In fact, most of the advancements of current time are traceable to early periods of civilization. There are certain events that have a particular impact on what the present society celebrates today. The purpose of this essay is to investigate six major periods in the Western Civilization and how they have changed world history. These periods include Mesopotamia, ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Early Middle Ages, High Middle Ages, and Late Middle Ages periods. It is important to dig into the historical archives to retrieve valuable information about the origin of certain civilizations. The various significant achievements made in these periods transformed the history of Western civilization and the present times as identified and illustrated below. To begin with, Mesopotamia, Hebrews, and Egypt period is recorded to have existed between 3000-500 BCE. A number of achievements are associated with this period. One of the most notable developments that transformed the economy of the world in this period is the development of agriculture. According to McMichael, Western Civilization and the present society owes a lot of appreciation to development of agriculture in the valley between the two rivers called Tigris and Euphrates (12). This development changed the world by ensuring a steady supply of food and promotion of a green environment that people enjoy
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