The Six Most Common Forms of Anxiety Essay

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Everyday we experience anxiety. Normally, it’s the feeling you get right before a test, recital, or an interview, but sometimes and for some people it can be a whole lot worse. It can even result in terrible panic attacks that affect the way they live. Anxiety is defined as a general term for several disorders that cause nervousness, worrying,, and fear. Severe anxiety is the most common mental illness and affects 40 million people in the U.S. That’s about 18% of our population. We all get mild anxiety from time to time, but there are more severe cases, types, and forms to this illness. I will tell you about the type of anxiety that could be harmful to your everyday life. Today I will tell you about the types of anxiety, the different…show more content…
People with this disorder are normally aware that they have OCD, but are still unable to control their fear. To get rid of their anxiety, they will clean obsessively and make sure everything is in place and orderly. Posttraumatic Stress disorder or PTSD, is a very common anxiety disorder that a lot of people who have served in the military get this disorder. PTSD is a form of anxiety that results from a previous trauma like hostage situations and military combat. As a result, this disorder leads to flashbacks and behavioural changes in order to get rid of some of these causes. Panic Disorder is a type of anxiety that leads to severe panic attacks that cause dizziness, shaking, confusion, and nausea. These attacks normally last 10 minutes, but can last for hours. They can occur after a traumatic event or can be spontaneous. Normally after a person has one, they expect more, which can lead to drastic life changes.
Extreme anxiety is a very serious mental illness that needs to be diagnosed and treated. We all get nervous in stressful situations, but what causes this disorder? Anxiety can be caused by numerous environmental and brain changes. Anxiety can be passed down through parents, but that is not very likely to happen. Anxiety is more likely to be triggered by a very traumatic event that causes extreme stress. An event like losing a loved one or changing schools can trigger the start of this disease. This
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