The Six Stage, Levels And Stages Of Critical Thinking

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Question no 1 Define critical thinking? Critical thinking is the Process that has been developing throughout the past 2500 years, although we know much about the critical thinking but there is a lot more needs to be explored. Critical thinking is an intellectual process through which we can enhance the quality of our thinking by skillfully analyzing, assessing, processing, applying, evaluating, the information available to us, Critical thinking is a phase of thinking about any topic, material or problem. In which thinker improves his thinking deftly. Critical thinking is the art of problem solving, disintegrating, solution finding, decision making and assessing with a view of changing and developing it. Critical thinking is individualistic, economical, self-monitored and self-developing thinking. It encompasses emotive connection and problem solving capability.…show more content…
Stage One: The Unreflective Thinker Unreflective thinkers are unaware about the importance of thinking in their lives. Unreflective thinkers cannot understand the problems in their lives they can’t solve them by thinking about them. Even sometimes, they are unaware of their own problems. Stage Two: The Challenged Thinker Challenged thinkers become aware about the importance and role of thinking in their lives. They recognize the problems but they are that much expert in their thinking so that they may solve their problems though proper planning and thinking. Stage Three: The Beginning Thinker The beginning thinkers somehow become experts in thinking they know the role thinking playing in their lives and they wants to improve their thinking. However, the only problem with beginning thinkers is that they do not practice regularly they thought, apply their thoughts and plans but without a regular practice. The beginning thinkers lack a systematic plan for improving their thinking; hence, their efforts are hit and miss. Stage Four: The Practicing
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