The Sixteenth Amendment Of The United States Constitution

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The Sixteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution gives the United States government the right to tax income. This amendment guarantees that our nation will have an army, our government will build our roads, enforce our laws and carry through with other important duties, all through federal taxation. The Sixteenth Amendment is still doing its job today as all people are required to pay the government a portion of their income. Most of the government’s money comes from the taxes of the people. Without these taxes the government would be unable to function and our system that runs our country would be very different. We also wouldn’t have plans like Social Security or Medicare if paying income tax was not in place. Although taxes play a good part for our nation, there is another hand that can come in and play a bad part depending on what party is running our country. Taxation can be made so that everyone has to pay the same amount regardless of your income. This effects the lower income classes the most and the higher income classes the least as they have the money to pay it. It depends on who you ask and what their specific viewpoint is on taxation. It is a good that our country put this law in place for the sake of our government, we all just hope that the person running our government doesn’t make it out of control. The Supreme Court case of Pollock v. Farmer’s Loan and Trust Company directly applies to the Sixteenth Amendment. This Court case dealt with income

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