The Sixties And Sixties Were Among The Most Important Decades Essay

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The Sixties and Seventies were among the most important decades in American history in terms of massive social upheaval. With practically the entire world in a state of unbalance and with the wild relationship of the United States to the rest of the world, it is unsurprising that the States faced a state of unrest and social change. The United States was involved in two vastly different wars at the time that created a massive feeling of unrest inside its own walls, especially among groups of young people who worked in massive numbers to bring about heavy societal change in many different areas aiming for the top and moving down. These decades included some of the most hotly debated and controversial events in American history. The United states faced a state of massive uneasiness internally with the nervousness brought about by the Cold War. There was also a state of triumphant upheaval among the younger generation of the time through their mass protest of the Vietnam War. There was also a massive shift in the eye of the American public from support to vehement protest of the Vietnam War causing a large shift in American politics. These many issues gave way to both the Civil Rights and Women’s Rights movements which worked towards creating a change in the way that society had operated for practically the entirety of the United State’s existence. Terry Anderson in his book The Sixties aptly states that this is “the Decade of Tumult and Change” (Anderson 22). The 1960s and

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