The Sixties : Shaping America Into What It Is Today

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The Seventies: Shaping America into What it is Today
“My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over”, this quote is by President Gerald Ford in addressing the nation in 1974. He is addressing the nation after President Nixon was impeached. This was not the only scandal plaguing the seventies. The seventies were full with right movements. Feminist revitalised their movements and gays truly started their movements. The seventies had a great impact on the lives of Americans. Major events impacted the lives of Americans in three major aspects, technical, political, and social. Politics in America were impacted by in voting laws. The Voting Rights Act was an amendment to past voting laws. They were mad because Latios and other non english speaking citizens were being discriminated against. The amendment forced states to offer bilingual ballots and there was a temporary ban on literacy test(Magalhães). The Voting Rights Act greatly impacted Politics in America during the seventies. While some people were rejoicing because they started to have a voice in the government others were upset with the government. During the seventies there were many scandals involving the FBI, CIA, and even President Nixon. The FBI was being investigated by The Citizens’ Commission. The FBI was being investigated for illegal campaigns against certain organizations that were specifically antiwar organizations. From the investigations Congress amended the Freedom of Information Act. In the…
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