The Sixties : The Great Shift Essay

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After reading “The Seventies: The Great Shift in American Culture, Society, and Politics”, I acknowledged the argument Bruce Schulman was making. This book was about the 1970’s in America and the changes that occurred during the decade. Just like in the title a change in culture, society, and politics. Schulman talks about the rise of liberalism in America after WW2. He talks about that briefly, than points out the importance of the 1968 Nixon presidential campaign. About how he pushed away from the government and more towards the private sector. Schulman mentions that the 70’s were nicknamed or known as “the lost decade”. The main argument in Schulman’s book was that the 70’s was not a lost decade, it was an important one that reshaped America for the better. He supports his argument with several events that helped shape the decade. Schulman points out two major shifts during the 70’s the “Southernization” of the country, and the distrust in the government. First I would like to talk about Schulman’s argument and if it’s a well-supported argument or not. Schulman’s argument is a broad topic and he could have gone with several different areas of argument. He picked specific shifts in culture and political policies. I believe Shulman’s argument is a good one. Because the two main arguments tell the importance of that decade. Like the shift away from the government which helped the Reagan era during the 1980’s. Or how diversity and discrimination helped reshape the attitude
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