The Size Of A Plant Versus The Depth

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Title:The size of a plant versus the depth

Research Question:Does the size of common garden seeds affect the relation of their ideal burial depths?

On my experiment I will planted different types of garden seeds ( which are different sizes ) at different depths, and with this in mind I will determine how the grow of each seed is affected.

Background Information:

We all consider the amount of sun our plants need to grow healthy. We care about the amount of water we put to our plants. We always have those subjects in mind but we sometimes forget that there are other factors to help a plant grow at their fullest. For example, the depth can influence the plant 's growth ,but because of the different sizes of seeds it’s difficult to determine how deep each seed needs to be planted.

To further understand the relationship between the size of the seed and its proper planting depth you would have to fully comprehend the term of seed germination process. In short terms seed germination is the process in which the seed starts developing into what would be a plant .The process starts off when the the seed starts adapting to its location, which would allow it to start growing. Later, if the seed is well adapted its hard outer covering or seed coat will break. When water has been added to the soil and reaches the seed then the seed observes the water, which is known as imbibition. The water provides needed proteins to the seed allowing it to further continue its growing process.
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