The Skeletal System ( Include Joints, Types Classification And Rom )

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MAUREEN REID – STUDENT I.D: REIM0115; TASK M; CONFIRM PHYSICAL HEALTH STATUS. The Skeletal System (Include Joints, Types classification and ROM) INTRODUCTION Human beings have an endoskeleton which means the structure or skeleton is inside us and we grow around it as it accommodates growth. Comprised of; • Bones (206) • Joints / Articulation • Connective Tissue See Skeleton labelling Diagram attached FUNCTIONS OF THE SKELETAL SYSTEM • Supports soft tissue and is the framework of the entire body (scaffolding) • It provides the attachment points for muscle and ligaments • Protects delicate vital organs such as the brain, heart, lungs, and spinal cord. • They are the levers for the movement created by muscles that are attached to them • They store minerals such as calcium phosphorus which they release to the body as needed • They store lipids in the bone marrow which is used as energy • They produce Blood Cells in the red marrow Bone Structure Bones are not only thick and hard, they are also slightly elastic. Without elasticity they would break too easily. They are composed mainly of bone tissue or osseous tissue. The skeletal system is very dynamic as the bones are changing all the time, they remodel themselves depending on usage or functional demand therefore the structure and function of the skeletal system are

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