The Skeleton

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Welcome to Century Middle School! We have read three articles about the Mayan and Mexican Cultures. The first one is “Digging out a lost city’s secrets”, which is about scientists discovering three new chambers in a tunnel that was discovered a few years ago in Mexico, which holds many important and interesting artifacts. The second one is “Skeleton dating back to ice age sheds light on Native American origins”. This one is about scientists discovering a skeleton hidden in an underwater cave, which leads to the discovering important information about how humans got to the New World. The last one is “Traditional turns into trendy in Guatemala's finest clothing shops”. This last one is about how traditional mayan textiles are becoming more…show more content…
First and foremost, The Skeleton one is not only stimulating , but educative too. The article has lots of details and facts. “her cheeks were narrow and her forehead very high” will be one of the facts that will be thrown at you. It starts off with info on the skeleton, which melts into more facts about her society, which leads to facts about what the world was like back then, which heads you into ...sorry. If I went on I would spoil everything. Second, it constantly leaves you with wanting to know more. Such as, at the end of the paragraph “Saber Toothed Cats, Giant Sloths” , the text states”Naia’s discovery may help end the debate over how humans came to inhabit the New World”. This is a statement that makes you want to keep reading, because you are marveling how the discovery as common as a skull can lead to this big of a solution. Lastly, that you should read this is because it’s creepy. I don’t know about you, but I kind of like reading about the weird/creepy stuff, because it makes you wonder what's really out there. Anyway, this article has plenty of that, for example in paragraph 3, the text states”Divers quickly spotted her her skull as they swept the chamber with flashlights”.Dark underwater chambers? cool. This creepy mood of the article makes you think about how little stuff we actually know about the world. These reasons are why
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