The Skeleton in the Corporate Closet

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In “The Skeleton in the Corporate Closet,” some very significant and profound ethical dilemmas are presented, which cut directly to the core of the corporate culture of the organization involved – General Parkelite Company (GPC). I begin my evaluation with a brief overview of the case, and then proceed to identification of the central and peripheral issues involved, delineation of the facts and suppositions used in my analyses and as the basis of my recommendations, and finally I present my analyses and recommendations. Case Synopsis The case begins with David Fisher, the corporate archivist, and Donna Cooper, a writer contracted to write a 75th Anniversary book for GPC, exploring old documents and corporate nostalgia in the GPC…show more content…
Strong Organizational Culture It was apparent to me from the case that GPC had developed a strong culture of integrity and honesty within the organization. This was epitomized when Hap and a veteran manager had the following dialog during a chance meeting in the hallway. Hap: “So you think he’s [a new-hire manger] got the potential to be a GPC’er?” Veteran manager: “Well, that’s the great thing about a strong culture, isn’t it, Hap? It rubs off. He’ll soon pick up on how things are done around here.” This demonstrates to me that GPC has made it part of their organizational mission to have a high level of integrity and honesty in their both their internal and external dealings. The company takes this very seriously, and it is demonstrated from executives as well as management. This fosters a strong culture, which is passed on to new members of management as well as all other employees. Building and Maintaining Company Image GPC has obviously built a positive company image over the years. This was demonstrated when Ms. Pierce oversaw a focus group where the members of the group offered words such as “trusted,” “straight shooting” and “dependable” to describe their perceptions of GPC. This is an exceedingly important attribute for a company to possess. It has far-reaching implications for good, repeat customers, confident and willing investors, confident lenders,
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