The Skills And Problem Solving Skills

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After taking the O*NET Interest Profiler test on the My Next Move website, I was fitted for several jobs based on my personality and interests. After looking through the suggested jobs, I found two that would fit me best. The first job I was interested in is a buying and purchasing agent for farm products. Out of all the suggestions O*NET gave, this was one I felt not only fit my skills the most, but also my personality.
The knowledge required for this position is mostly math and customer serviced based. Every job I have had has been customer service based and I am not only good at math, but I actually enjoy it. This position seems like it would be a great fit for me. The education required is a bachelor’s degree, which I don’t currently have, but I am working towards it. The skills required were social skills and problem-solving skills. Since I have been in so many customer service positions, I am great at communication. Although I am not the best problem solver, I am a quick learner and feel I would be able to pick up that skill with practice.
When looking at the job outlook for the buying and purchasing agent position, the future looked grim. The national outlook was below average in most states. When looking at the map, however, there were a few states that had a bright outlook with above average opportunities. Although my state, California, had average opportunity, just above me in Oregon there was above average job opportunities. Two other states that
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