The Skills And Qualities Of A Nurse

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I have been lucky enough to experience first hand the hard work and dedication being a nurse requires. Having been raised by a critical care nurse, as well as going through many health predicaments of close family members that involved close interaction with many nurses, I have learned that nurses truly are incredible people. To be a nurse, one must be dedicated to the tasks at hand, as well as to the role overall. You must be passionate and eager to better yourself in order to help better others. Especially being in a rural setting, nurses must be quick to learn and ready to take on whatever task is asked. That being said, I feel that I in fact render the skills and attributes necessary to become a successful nurse, especially in the rural setting.

Having been raised in a rural county all of my life, I have experienced first hand what true rural health care really looks like. I feel that I can use my talents to help to better places like this. I have always been quick and eager to learn. I had the privilege of being selected to be a part of a Medical Magnet program my senior year of high school, as well as shadowing many health care professionals, nurses included, where I was able to learn a great deal about the health care world. I was able to interact with patients, learn about health technologies and terms, and see up close what the typical day in the life of a health care professional is like. I love learning new things and have the desire to better myself in every
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