The Skills Approach Analysis of Angela Merkel Essay

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The skills approach focuses on the ability to use one’s knowledge and competencies to accomplish a set of goals and objectives. In terms of these competencies, the skills approach identifies three particular competencies that are related to strong leadership which include: technical skills, human skills, and conceptual skills. In terms of these competencies, Angela Merkel has demonstrated strong qualities, made influential decisions, been elected through a public election process, and received numerous accolades that indicate she has a high level of proficiency and effectiveness in all three aforementioned competencies associated with the skills approach. The leadership competency of technical skill can be defined as the knowledge about…show more content…
Related to politics, high conceptual skills involves begin about to use ideas and policies to effectively guide a nation to future goals. Further, conceptual skills in politics necessitate a need to be able to be able to effectively explain these ideas and policies to other leaders and constituents. Chancellor Merkel displays high conceptual skills, as exhibited by her current involvement in trying to alleviate the European debt crisis. As noted in the New York Times recently, “The Federal Constitutional Court in Germany gave Chancellor Angela Merkel a significant victory on Wednesday in her bid to master the debt crisis that has buffeted the Continent for years and endangered its common currency, granting approval to one of the main pillars of her strategy” (Kulish). Further, Merkel possess the ability to explain her ideas effectively, which can be show by her heavy involvement in negotiations for different debt relief plans in this year’s G8 summit (Rinke). Also, Lastly, the final competency identified by the skills approach is human skills, which are the knowledge about, and ability to work with people. Further, these skills help a leader to work effectively with follower, peers, and superiors to accomplish the organizations goals (Northouse, pg 45). A democratic political system such as Germany’s necessitates the need
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