The Skills, Attributes And Communication Barriers That Are Valued By An Employer

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TASK 1A: Intro: In this mini-booklet, it is going to be about the valued skills, attributes and communication barriers that are valued by an employer. All employers’ looks into the candidate who are applying for the job specific skills, these skills can be relevant to everyday life or specifically to that job. The important skills needed are: Communications skills: This is a skill that is valued mostly by many employers. Communications skill is where the candidate would be able to write, speak, and listen. Every employer looks for this as without communication skills businesses and other places like GP’s won’t run effectively. Employers are now looking for language skills, which come under communications skills; this is valued as businesses are becoming more global. Having known several languages would mean you would be able to communicate with more people in around the world, than just knowing one language. Another importance of communication skills are that without write, speak and listen, the workers will not understand as much of the work. Analytical and Research skills: Analytical and research skills are important, as it allows in certain situations find other routes. It is basically the methods of addressing a situation and finding more information about it. This skill is valued by employers as a worker who would be able to analyse a specific situation would be able to know what has happened, and may be though research from sources would be able to find a solution,

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