The Skills Of An Effective Administrator

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Human skills (often referred to as soft skills) are essential across all levels of management. Perhaps due to the ‘in vogue’ focus on leadership, human skills are increasingly considered the most important skills for some or even all modern mangers – but leading is not management in itself, leading is just one aspect of effective management and the other aspects should not be ignored. Human skills, along with technical and conceptual skills form Robert L. Katz’ three-skill approach in his “Skills of an effective Administrator.” Together, these are often referred to as essential managerial skills. These three skills will be reviewed as well as a splinter of recent scholarship in various fields addressing the significance of human skills. Some important points about who the modern manager is will be made. The functions of management and how those functions relate to essential management skills will also, briefly, be addressed. A review of how essential managerial skills and management hierarchy are related will conclude this work. The purpose of this essay is to touch upon aspects of management theory dealing with essential management skills and their relationship to the functions of management in order to discuss and ultimately refute, the claim that human skills are the only skills modern mangers need. Essential managerial skills Katz (1974) stated successful administration, rests upon on three basic skills; technical, human and conceptual (p. 91). Technical skill involves
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