The Skin Color Of Drugs

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Berthony Pierre
Drugs and Society
Professor Lageson

The Skin Color of Drugs “The first slaves came to the United States in 1619. During this period there have literally been a few scattered decades in which African Americans had a fairly decent shot at entering the mainstream society. Especially black males are targets for abuse by the security system, drug wars, killing and lack of opportunity for employment” (Noam Chomsky). The war on drugs has been congruous with tossing African American’s in jail. Various statistics demonstrate the racial discrimination that the drug war has generated. These massive private prisons are being built at an accelerated rate to house numerous of minorities for simple drug possessions. When you look at who are using these illegal drugs versus the people who are being incarcerated, a different picture is being painted. It’s not hard to discern that the drug policies that are in place are a form of social control. They influence a specific type of people and those they affect are more often than not minorities living in America. Drugs have always been a matter in question in America and around the world. There are individual countries in the European Union that invest in treatment programs to aid people who have become dependent on drugs. However in America, the policies are devised to incarcerate American citizens in a massive scale. The bureau of justice statistics pulled numbers on the amount of people incarcerated for…

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