The Skin I'm in by Sharon G. Flake

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The Skin I’m In
Laurianna Atkins tripped over a stack of magazines in the middle of her room, bumped her leg against the dresser, and dropped her books on the floor. “Ouch my leg!” She howled, “This room is a mess!”
Lydia Atkins, Laurianna’s mother, came out of the next bedroom, briskly blow-drying her hair. “Stop whining baby and just straiten up things before you leave for school. I would help but I’m late for work.”
“I don’t want to go to school today,” Laurianna declared. She paused to see if her mother would start up a speech or insist that she go. Laurianna was a freshman at Versas High. Even though it was mid January, she was pretty nervous about starting in the middle of the semester and being behind. “Well that’s no way to start off your second semester in a new school” her mother exclaimed. She could hear her mother babbling about making new friends in the other room, but she was more focused on what she was going to wear on her first day. She had always dressed comfortably but still strived to keep up with the trends of her old classmates.
She first tried on a plain black skirt with ruffles at the bottom that fell to the middle of her thigh. “I wonder if wearing skirts are popular at this school?” she mumbled under her breath. She quickly changed into shorts that seemed to be so old that she couldn’t even remember when she’d bought them. “What if showing my legs are a bit much for the first day,” she mumbled again. “I’ll just play it safe by slipping on

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