The Skirmish-Personal Narrative

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The Skirmish Fight,fight,fight! Hailey and Aj blared. They were all in Florida for their vacation. They had to spare some time , before they could go out to the beach. They kept thinking and thinking. Then, A.J said we should have a fight. We all agreed it should be Jilly against Matt.Hailey and A.j are both brother and sister. Hailey is in seventh grade and has brown hair. A.j is in third grade and has brown hair. There cousins Jill and Matt are having a skirmish (Fight). Jilly has dirty blonde hair and is in fifth grade. Jilly,A.j,and Hailey's cousin Matt has brown hair and is in fourth grade. It was Jill and Matt's turn to fight. Who will win A.j asked. I vote for Jilly, well actually how about this girls VS boys. Deal Hailey asked. Deal
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