The Skyscraper Banner Features Of Red Bullet

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These display banners promote the content engine of Red Bullet because, they combine Red Bull’s theme of wings or flight, yet they do not carry much of an adrenaline or extreme sports edge. These banners resemble everyday people with energy demands in life that the energy provided by a small container can satisfy. The content theme is saying customers can receive something astounding from a small package. In both ads, they feature office employees. The skyscraper banner features a woman in business attire with a short list of the daily tasks that she’ll need energy to complete. The other ad is subtler. It is simply implying, under red bulls company name, this product is effective for helping busy office employees, parents, travelers get through the day while being productive. The larger can only be affective when more customers are aware of Red Bullet. This theme will be in line with Red Bullet’s home site, which will feature promotional videos introducing the product and displaying circumstances in which energy will be needed on an average day. This is a focus more on how the average, working, older, person uses a red bull product and not only sports stars. These banners are designed to reflect that. The targeting method for Red Bullet’s display ads will consist of Behavioral targeting and social targeting. Behavioral targeting, is a method that alters an advertising experience based on the recent internet history of a particular user. This is done with the use of IP
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