The Slaughter of Horses

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Slaughtering horses for human consumption in the United States started in the early 1970's. Americans do not eat horsemeat; we consider horses to be favored animals, just like dogs and cats. The idea of eating a horse, a cat, or a dog just goes against our very culture. It was foreign interests that brought the horse slaughter industry to the United States and built equine slaughterhouses here. By the 1990's, there were at least sixteen equine slaughterhouses operating all across the United States. At that time, most Americans did not even realize that such an industry even existed in their country. Over the years, the industry grew larger and people began to use slaughter as an opportune way to get rid of their undesired horses. Rather than take responsibility for their horses by either taking the time to place them in a horse sanctuary or by paying a licensed veterinarian put them down humanely, owners would ship them to a slaughter house and get paid for doing so. In today’s United States there is a debate ensuing on whether to lift the ban on equine slaughter which was enacted in 2007. There are practical as well as commercial arguments that can be made in favor of horse slaughter, and there are ethical and environmental reasons to oppose it. In this paper I plan on addressing both sides of the debate as well as explaining each sides main points. In 2007, the last United States’ plant capable of equine slaughter was closed due to a district court ruling making it
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