The Slave Crucible Analysis

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“The Slave Crucibles” and “A Federal Assault” provide different perspectives on the experiences of slaves. “The Slave Crucibles” contributes personal insight into the different aspects of the lives of slaves while “A Federal Assault” exhibits a generalized viewpoint on the effects of laws such as the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 on the majority of the slave population. Both pieces of literature demonstrate the injustices and demeaning treatment towards African Americans during the 19th century. Pargas’ “The Slave Crucibles” is structured to provide the personal experiences of slaves by including specific examples and testimonies from those who endured slavery or had first hand encounters with enslaved African Americans. By including such…show more content…
However, fictive kin and these new established relationships on shared experiences did not completely extinguish the feelings of longing for loved ones or diminish the oppression faced by these people. Reunion with family members was one of the major motives for interstate migrants to escape but sometimes it proved to be more difficult than expected because migrants came from longer distances. Therefore, when attempts to escape were made they were more permanent and “...fugitives were not intending to ‘visit’ loved ones but rather escape their new destinations for good…” (Pargas 243). These feelings of depression and isolation, removal from loved ones, and demeaning treatment incited many slaves to escape. Escaping was never easy and there were laws set in place to punish those who tried to do so. These laws, specifically the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, and their effects are closely examined in Horton’s article, “A Federal Assault.”
Horton provides a more generalized approach and the use of anecdotes is present but is not as intense as in “The Slave Crucibles.” Horton presents the actions taken by the government and the states in order to deal with fugitives. He examines the impact of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 on the general slave population and the people associated with it. Information is also presented on what was done in order to combat the Fugitive Slave Act and allow African Americans to experience the freedom that they
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