The Slave Of A Slave

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International slave labors In the distant past, people often fought with rival enemies in order to gain resources. The remaining members of the slaughtered tribe were used as slaves. Historical evidences show that slavery was a common practice amongst earliest known civilization. The ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians kept certain numbers of slaves. For example, The Greeks preferred having slave women and children for domestic servitude. Similarly, the romans and Egyptians used slave as a means of internatment in gladiator fights and build major cities infrastructures. In the past, war was primarily used as a means of gaining slaves. However, some people sold their children in to slavery while others inherited slaves form their family. As society progressed, slave tread became a lucrative business. The British and Dutch were pioneers in expanding the slave tread across the world. The human suffering inflicted by the slave trade was immense, but many nations were blinded by the enormous profits gained form the practice. As result, stopping slavery meant an end to economic life line of many nations. Slave treads reached its maximum horror during the 18th century trans-Atlantic slave trade. Slaves from West Africa were placed on a ship and brought to the Americas to work on cotton, fields and sugar plantation. The row materials like Cotton and sugar was then sold to the different parts of the world. The abolition movant combined with emancipation proclamation helped…

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