The Slave Ship Always Comes Back Around in Morrison´s Beloved

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Morrison’s Beloved uses characters in her story to show the long lasting effects of slavery. Characters such as Sethe, Denver, and Beloved all show a different point of view of the effects of slavery and what life it can conjure up for over protective mother, hermit like daughter, and the spiteful ghost.
For instance, Paul D says to Sethe “Your love is too thick,” (164) which shows Paul D’s view of love not as liberal as Sethe’s , he believes even love has rules and restrictions. Using the word “too” exemplifies his expression of constraining love for it can hurt you. This maybe a male like slave mentality to not love anything too much or when it is gone you are susceptible to anything to happen. To Sethe love is something that cannot be
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Denver was indeed broken down or missing a piece of her puzzle due to slavery , not only for what her mother did and how the community treated Denver after but also the absence of her father. “ We should all be together. Me , him and Beloved.”(209) Fragmentation is a theme in this story and each character is fragmented in this quote , Denver is missing the love of a community that even Sethe got on Sweethome . Beloved is missing the love of a mother that brought her back in physical form. Halle , half a name short of a blessing was missing his family . Denver lived her life barely leaving the house in hope her dad would come rescue her. To bring her back whole for she is broken down into pieces from the institution that only beat and raped her mom , in which she feels too emotionally. Dearly Beloved , at least what her tombstone should have read , well there would not have been a tombstone at all if school teacher did not come back for Sethe. Beloved is the only character not directly involved in slavery who is not only broken but physically destroyed by slavery. “ I stopped him” (164) The words said from Sethe To Paul D. Although Sethe stopped the school teacher she started up Beloved. Beloved started haunting the house right away which was the same which caused Sethe’s children to run away. “…Howard and Buglar, had run away by the time they were thirteen years old—as soon as merely looking in a mirror shattered it (that
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