The Slave System By Solomon Northup

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The slave system was kept in existence for many years since the early 1600’s. A never ending cycle of pain, and harsh conditions From being in 12 years of slavery, Solomon Northup recounts the time when he had once been a free man to be kidnapped of that freedom back in 1841. The relationships that Northup encountered were neither positive or negative . From friends he gained or his slave masters, the relationships were shaped by slavery and helped intact the slave system. In those relationships, how the supervisors of the slaves treated them impacted the slaves work ethic and the friendships that were made during this harsh time, thus supporting the slave system. One of the first social relationship Solomon encountered when he entered slavery was James H. Burch. When Solomon was captured, Burch chained him up and put him in a cell; something Solomon was not used to at all. Although he claimed he was a free man, Burch beat him every time he said he was, and forcing Solomon to say he was from Georgia. Burch frightened Solomon with his beatings and threatening words and because of how cruel Burch was, Solomon kept his mouth shut and refused to say he was a free man to any of his future slave masters, fearing of the treatment again. With James Burch treating the slaves in that matter; implemented to the system of slavery, forcing the slaves to become who they wanted them to be. That allowed slaves to follow orders, and not to protest against the supervisor 's treatment,
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