The Slave Trade

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Brutalization of the Slave Trade In the 1600s, slavery played a significant role in European history. The negative aspects that made up the dark times in history are, mainly centered on the brutalizing effects of the enslaved people, which can be best explained by the destroyed family bonds, history of the enslaved people erased, and unjust treatment of the slaves. Olaudah Equiano, a former slave and abolitionist, was born in 1745, part of the Igbo tribe. He served as a slave for many years all over the world, until he bought out his freedom in 1767. After that, he pushed for the abolition of the slave trade and civil rights until the end of his life. In Equiano’s life, there were three ways a person became a slave. Either by a tribe…show more content…
They shed no tears as the mothers wept in heartache that they could no longer embrace their beautiful children. Consequently, as soon as the men and women became slaves, their traditions, values, cultures, and identities vanished. Although, before Equiano involuntarily gave his life away, he spoke of such dignity of his people, the Eboe. His brethren thrived harmony, compassion, and loyalty. They were “a nation of dancers, musicians, and poets”, and never ceased an opportunity to celebrate a triumphed battle, marriage, or blessing of their Creator (Equiano, 34). Their dancing was organized into four groups of people from the village, and individual group would “represent some interesting scene of real life, such a great achievement, domestic employment, a pathetic story, or some rural sport” (Equiano, 34). For that reason, provided more variety to the dances. In addition, instruments were also used to give the ritual a new liveliness. For example, musical instruments like drums, guitars, and xylophones were greatly played. All of the important and sacred values and traditions of these people were obliterated when they became slaves. As soon as the stepped onto the boats, they were immediately given a new identity, and told to forget their old one. Soon, over seven million slaves would be taken across world, forced into intense labor until death. Seven million identities would be erased, and leaving behind countless traditions,
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