Changes In The Atlantic Slave Trade

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Millions of lives were forever changed by the Atlantic Slave trade. Some were affected positively, in the case of slavers and wealthy slave owners. Others, the men, women, and children captured and sold into slavery were affected in an overwhelmingly negative way. Slavery was perceived and experienced in two distinctly different ways by Africans and Europeans.
The Atlantic Slave Trade was a never-ending cycle, so to speak, with each part playing an integral part in the continuum of the trade of human lives for over four centuries. There is no “beginning,” so I’d like to begin in a local market in the Igbo-speaking region of southern Nigeria in 1745. Olaudah Equiano recalls a bit about these markets in his narrative, “These are sometimes
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But if the white men do not comply with it they will lose the aforementioned goods…” (Davidson, 1149) After all, why wait to receive only criminals when free men and women can be stolen away and made to look like any other slave.
Soon after being taken by “the white men,” Africans were branded, like modern-day livestock, with a hot iron with the letter of the name of the ship transporting them. Europeans viewed Africans as little more than an animal, even saying the brand on their breast or shoulder, after being anointed with palm oil, was “usually well in four or five days, appearing very plain and white after…” as though speaking of the
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