The Slave Trade of Europe and The Americas That Lasted 350 Years

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The Middle Passage is the journey in which slaves were transported to The Americas from West Africa, and sold for profit. The slaves were kidnapped or purchased from their motherland, forced to march to the coast to be sold. The captives were purchased by European merchants, branded and transported to the new world (The Americas). When they arrived to the new world, the slaves were retained on the auction block, resold, and branded again to either domestic slave traders or personal owners. The profit of the slave trade is the cause for the upsurge of wealth in The Americas. The Transatlantic slave trade lasted 350 years, and there were approximately 43,600 journeys. 12.5 million Africans were stolen and forced on European and American slave vessels. Out of the 12.5 million African captives, there were roughly 10.7 million survivors. Out of all the surviving captives, around 305,326 Africans disembarked in the U.S.A. Although, many slave rebellions transpired on the ships, the intimidation, abuse (sexual, physical, and mental), violence and excruciating inhuman environments that slaves suffered during the middle passage was a technique to disenfranchise, disparage, a make the slaves less than human for the white traders to empower themselves and gain profit. A series of agonizing and atrocious events occurred prior to the…
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