The Slavery Of African Americans

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Some people I met asked me that we Africans sold other Africans into slavery and why? I will tell them well I was not born when it happened, I only learn about slavery in school not even my parents told me so I cannot provide you with genuine reason behind slavery but I do understand this that it may have some economic benefits attached to it and that is a fact, the world back then was like survival of the fittest, slavery was rampant all over the world and not only black Africans were enslaved, many ethnicities and nationalities some Europeans like Irish and Jewish have been enslaved too. I could have avoided questions like this, but since many of this questions are directed to me from African Americans, I do my best to be honest with them about the little knowledge that I know. You must not hold grudge against me because my ancestors sold your people into slavery, and I must also not avoid your questions even if i feel guilty about the role of my people during slavery. I was not responsible for it and neither of my parents. You must not be imprisoned with victim mentality of the whole slavery thing I told him and he was like ‘wow’ I like that. I told him that is why it is nice to talk about things because I do not know your mindset I cannot read it but I can wrongly judge it based on my personal observations. He said this country is racist and I must be careful because I am a black man. I said really, he said yes!! I said why he repeated because America is racist. I told…

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