The Slavery Of African Americans

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Back when there was Slavery it was unfair to some people, at least to the African Americans. By unfair I mean the whites, like most of us would torture the Africans. Some of the things the owners did was made the slaves work in fields without pay and they had no control over their own self, their owner did. But, if they were not doing, that the owners would do something bad like whip them with a whip with metal on the end. Also, it even was effected in sports because back then it was just whites playing baseball and games like that. Now it is a mix of different skin colors that play today. I know that because when I play sports I either play against different skin colors or I play on the same team as them. In baseball, it was all whites until their was a African American named Jackie Robinson that played sports and he was really good. It probably would have stayed all whites if there wasn’t a man named Branch Rickey, he was the owner that signed Robinson and it changed from there. Jackie Robinson was the first African Baseball star. Also, One of the first African Football stars was a man named Tony Nathan. But, Tony went to a High School named Woodlawn, he wanted to play football. Nathan finally got to play as running back. Woodlawn ended up winning lots of games that year. Tony Nathan went to the University of Alabama and played running back. He went into the NFL and played for the Miami Dolphins. Tony played at the Dolphins for 9 seasons, he was a running back, kick

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