The Slavery Of African Slave Trade

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When we are so caught up in the moment it is hard to see the larger picture. We get excited and momentum starts to speed up, but this excitement and momentum blinds us from the feelings of others. This is exactly what happened with the practiced slavery that took place in Africa. Slavery included stripping humans of their identities and classifying them as property, forcing them to obey their masters. The slaves had no rights and humanity had fled their thinking. Some even claimed slaves to be aliens even though they were not. Slave’s masters could do what ever they pleased with the slaves including, making them do their dirty work, striking them whenever they pleased and abusing their slave sexually. The slave had no defense and responding to any violent act committed against them would amplify aggression causing the master to strike the perpetrator. The idea of someone taking complete control over another equal human makes many sick and today this is viewed as something terrible, unjust, unethical and corrupt. The African slave trade should not have been something looked to as socially or morally acceptable. It crushed lives by stripping them from their freedom and replacing them with violence, it brought sorrow to families in the separation and destruction process and it brought lose to basic human rights.

As humans we tend to get caught up in this daily routine that is not necessarily a bad thing. Some people get caught in this and succeed. But now imagine being in…
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