The Slavery Of African Slavery

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Slavery is one of the most inhumane acts the world has ever known. Africans were kidnapped and forced into slavery by Europeans; they were separated from their families and forced to work on plantations. They were placed in unbearable conditions and the prevalent racism attached onto this system fueled the mistreatment and oppression of black people for years to come. The origins of the widespread African slavery in America as we know today started in early colonial America when people needed cheap labor to care for cash crops. Slaves were brought to America from Africa on disease-infested ships and became the driving force for prosperity in America through what became known as the slave trade. In the early 1700’s, the race-based slave system that would continue on for centuries to come had officially begun. Before African slavery began in the Americas, it was already being practiced in Africa. When mentioning slavery, one typically envisions the slavery that existed in America: a racially motivated enslavement that was largely exploited. Slavery in Africa, however, was not racially or ethnically motivated, and consisted of mainly war captives, criminals, or people who owed debt. In African cultures, slaves at least had certain rights: they could have administrative power, they could live with the families who owned them, they could marry, and they could also have children – if they did, their children did not automatically become slaves just because their parents were. Most

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