The Slavery Of African Slaves

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The origin of slavery was not caused because of racism. As rice cultivation expanded in the South, movement of white indentured servants was declining due to the harsh conditions. Moreover, white landowners began to feel unsure about their dependence on white workers because of the scarcity of labor in the South. The importation of African slaves was a response to a growing demand for labor. Thus, slavery was the desire for white landowners to find a useful, stable workforce. Racism was created to justify the treatment of Africans and the nature of the slavery in America. Many historians and scholars had distinct points of views, but slavery was more likely begun because of economic and social causes.
2. The witchcraft controversies reflected highly religious character of Puritan communities. However, it was not engendered from the widespread hysteria. It was actually provoked by a symptom of a persistent set of social and psychological tensions between the poor and the rich. The rich people, including local officials, tried to end the social tensions within a society by charging turbulent poor people who were angry about social and economic grievances. Since Puritan society had little tolerance for independent women, many “witches” were middle-aged, low- class women who were not living in a male-dominated family structure. It also suggests that underrepresented women were a significant role in prompting the witchcraft crisis. It is normal for Puritan to convict a religious

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