The Slavery Of America And America

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In 1619, there was a Dutch ship that arrived in America to trade for food. But instead of an object, such as silk or wine, they were trading humans. These humans were Africans who were not treated as normal human beings, but as if they were just an object or animal. On their voyage over to America, all the slaves were crammed into the lower part of the ship. They were forbidden to move and had to remain lying down for the entire voyage. For those on the ship to be sure the slaves were not causing any trouble, the men on the ship had put chains on the large group of slaves or indentured servants, historians are unsure. If anyone had become ill on the journey, no one cared and they went would be sent overboard. Due to all of the treachery the Africans had to go through, millions of them died, before reaching America. Those who did make it to the shore of America, were immediately sold to Americans, who used the slaves to do all of the work for them. They were sold to anyone who wanted them and paid for them, but they were distributed regardless of whether they had a family or not. Many of them were separated from their loved ones because all the Americans cared about, was the slave getting the work done, that needs to be done.
In the 1640’s decisions of legal terms, had to be made because there were different requirements of the Africans than those of the whites. This primarily came down to inheritance. In the 1660s, Virginia issued the idea of a child is to follow…

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