The Slavery Of America Has Been Long And Treacherous

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The history of slavery in America has been long and treacherous. From day one when their fellow Africans sold them to white men, the long, cramped, and dirty boat ride, and finally being torn away from their family, if they even had family with them. They were then forced to work on large farms, or plantations. After a Civil War, they were finally freed, but still were not equal to white men and women who reminded them daily with segregation. In the early 1600’s slavery became a part of Northern American colonies, during that time workers were in short supply and the work was harsh. Prior to the cramped Dutch ships sailing in with African American slaves in the early seventeenth century the men and woman working in the land were not sufficient enough to solve their problems. By the end of 1700 's during the time of the American Revolution the slaves became unbeneficial to them and began dying out. Even in the South the slaves became unprofitable to the farmers because the cost of tobacco prices varied. Until in 1793, Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin; a machine for separating cotton from its seeds. Cotton replaced tobacco as the South 's main cash crop and slavery became beneficial again. Slaves that came from Africa to the United States came through The Triangle Trade in which they were traded for mostly raw materials. Africans that wanted to make money captured fellow men and women from other tribes to sell to white slave owners. The slave owners then chained them

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