The Slavery Of Slavery And The Colonization Of America

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Problem of Slavery Introduction The slavery is a relationship established between two individuals and involves the complete and absolute control of each other. Usually, this domain is established from the force, becoming the slave of an object or possession of the owner, so you end up losing not only their freedom but also their humanity and dignity being. The cases of slavery in the history of humanity are many and are always imbued with very bloody and very violent stories as they pose most absolute mistreatment, abuse and denigration of individuals who suffer. Many people believed that only through submission and force achieved the favor of the slave and the absolute loyalty of this. Traditionally, the slaves were either individuals who could not support themselves and then had to give up their freedom to anyone who could keep or prisoners of war dominated by those highly militarized societies. One of the most recognized and representative of slavery cases worldwide has been the phenomenon that took place with the colonization of America (Cromwell, 2012). The European powers populated the new continent with slave labor brought from Africa in the worst conditions and put to work without any rights or recognition. Discussion The slavery is the status of slave and the person who is under the control lacks freedom. The concept can refer to a legal institution that defines the personal situation of slaves. When I started reflecting on the relationship between slavery and
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