The Slavery Of The Holocaust

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GERMAN REPARATIONS Historically, there has been many groups of people who have received reparations for past wrongdoings. There have been a few isolated incidents, such as the Rosewood event, where African Americans were harmed and received reparations; however, reparations have also been given on a much larger scale. Ta-Nehisi Coates is a national correspondent at The Atlantic, and he has written books along with countless articles on African Americans and equally. Coates is one of the most important names in the debate for reparations; his article “The Case for Reparations” is one of the most influential pieces on the topic. In his article, he writes about many different sub-topics on reparations, one of which is historical precedent. A previous historical account of reparations occurred in 1952 when West Germany began its journey of redemption for the horrors of the Holocaust. Cotes gives useful background information needed to understand the events that led up to the Israelites receiving reparations for the Holocaust. The road to reparations was a violent one indeed, but the end result was the Jewish people receiving reparations from West Germany. According to Joe Feagin, in his paper “Documenting the Costs of Slavery, Segregation, and Contemporary Racism: Why Reparations Are in Order for African Americans,” the German government paid more than $60 billion to the victims of the Holocaust in reparations. Feagin has received many scholarly awards on the topics of
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