The, Sleep Paralysis, Or Dreaming

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Imagine sitting in your bedroom and seeing someone that is not really in your room. This may sound crazy, but this could be just a normal day for a general schizophrenic. Before I started researching schizophrenia, I knew some details about the mental disorder. For example, I knew that it involved hallucinations and that it was a psychotic disorder. However, in addition to facts, I also was under many assumptions about the disease that were in fact myths. For instance, I thought that most schizophrenics are considered insane and usually spend their lives in a mental institution; however, I discovered that most schizophrenics are just everyday people. I learned all of this important information as I began researching schizophrenia. It was very difficult to choose my topic; I considered researching the history of Disney World, Sleep Paralysis, or Dreaming. But after reading the page about schizophrenia in The Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders, I was instantly hooked on the topic. I was very interested and wanted to learn more about the topic; specifically, how schizophrenia impacts the individual. Overall, I believe that my most helpful source of information was Laura Sanders, a schizophrenia expert, who emailed me giving me information on the immune system’s connection to schizophrenia. Although along the way I had several switches to my thesis, research question, outline, and main points, I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of my research.
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