The Slender Body By Greg Garber

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Sacrifices of the Body

In assessing the good life, intrinsic and extrinsic rewards are a vital component of reaching it. Greg Garber’s five-part series on the life of Mike Webster, discusses the sacrifices a football player must undertake in order to be successful. The dangers, both mentally and physically that a football player faces weekly, are a part of the job that can have lifelong consequences. One could easily find himself with permanent disabling injuries. Equally dangerous are eating disorders, which Susan Bordo explains in the chapter, “Reading the Slender Body,” from her book, Unbearable Weight: Feminism, Western Culture, and the Body. Social pressures and expectations can play a significant role in how one views his or her physical self. Society encourages one to eat right and exercise, to obtain the perfect body. The unfortunate consequences of these messages is that some take them too seriously, using excessive tactics to gain perfection. In the pursuit of the good life, it is important to understand ones mental and physical limits, and establish boundaries to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Exceeding these boundaries encourages psychological and physical disorders that bring forth misery and heartache. Greg Garber outlines the life of Mike Webster in order to describe to the reader just how dangerous the game of football can be. In order for Webster to obtain his football fame, winning the Super bowl four times with Pittsburg Steelers, he had to…
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