The Slow Food Movement

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The Slow Food Movement

In today's fast paced world, many people don't actually take the time to think about the types of foods they consume on a daily basis. Fast food is taken for granted and is actually the only kind of food that some people consume. As a result of the kinds of foods people, eat there is a growing obesity crisis as well as a health crisis and the two are closely linked. It has been estimated that the costs of obesity will approach three hundred and fifty billion dollars each and every year by the year 2018 (Hellmich, 2009). Therefore one group who is attuned to the link between health and food, deliberately named their organization "Slow Food" as a counter to the "Fast Food" obsession that is prevalent in the country. The group boasts a mascot of a snail chosen to promote the idea that the slower the food is prepared the better it is. Consequently, the faster the food is prepared the more concerned about its value you should be. This seems to be the core message that the group promotes but it is not limited to food alone however.

Figure 1 - The Slow Food Snail Logo

The group was officially founded in 1986 by Carlo Petrini who recognized that the industrialization of food was creating many problems (Slow Food USA, N.d.). Among these problems was the fact that industrialized food was working to standardize tastes. That through the mass production of food the supermarket was essentially becoming homogenized. Therefore, although the link to
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