The Small Business Administration ( Sba )

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Abstract The Small business administration (SBA) was created on July 30, 1953, by President Eisenhower with the signing of the Small Business Act. When it was created, there are some presidents want to stop it and some presidents want to develop it. Therefore, we also can see it active in the United States government on today. In this paper, I will through the background of The Small Business Administration (SBA) to introduce what type of organization is it? What does the organization do? Who is the target population for the organization? Through introducing the structure of SBA and its offices roles, I will analyze whether it maintains ethical conduct in its structure or not. Then I will through the codes of ethics and Law to analyze its external controls, to know the effect of external controls for SBA. After, I will give a successful example analysis to show that how did SBA follow its codes of ethics and mission to help small business entrepreneurs. In the end, I will through an example of ethical dilemma to analyze process strategy and attitude of SBA. Meanwhile, I will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of its process strategy to dilemma.

Background of Small Business Administration (SBA)
The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a United States government agency that provides support to entrepreneurs and small businesses (Small Business Administration, 2015, September). Through an extensive network of field offices and partnerships with public and private…
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