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The Smart Classroom

The classroom is a place that is constantly trying to be improved for the betterment of students’ education. New teaching methods and improvement in environment are all constantly being researched; however, recently, research on technology in the classroom has flourished. The Smart Classroom contains these technological advances and triggers them toward in-hancing student learning.

Classrooms in the past never really took into consideration that all students learned differently, so one method of teaching was used. This method being, oral lectures that students were expected to take notes on, followed by long winded exams. It wasn’t until later down the line that educators realized that not all students are
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It is possible for a student to be able to take in information through multiple intelligences, however the student will respond more dominantly to one of the seven. With these intelligences, Gardner made the point to show that educators must do what they can to incorporate as much creativity and variety in their teaching methods as possible so that every student will have the same opportunity to learn.

Education has been improved drastically from teaching methods to changing the environment, making it more susceptible to student learning, and meeting the educational, physical and emotional needs of students. Technology has been a big factor in this process. Without advances in our technology, the learning process would be a difficult one to enhance because it would lack in creativity as well as it would falter at reaching as many students as learning does with the help of technology today.
Classrooms have been and continue to be researched and equipped with the necessary.

Northwestern University set up The Classroom Committee in January 2000. It is made up of faculty, deans’ staff, the Searle Center for Teaching Excellence, Office of the Registrar, Information Technology, Associated Student Government, Facilities Management and the Office of the Provost. (Smart Classrooms, Information Technology). Three subcommittees were formed to get the tasks at hand

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