The Smart Grid And Smart Meter

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Executive Summary

Electricity is widely used form of energy and it’s rapidly growing nowadays. It has become to our way of daily life. However, electrical energy generating is currently the largest single source of carbon dioxide emissions, which has significantly make a contribution to climate change and the impact of the environment. The electrical power system was built up more than 100 years ago. It is one of the most effective components of the infrastructure on which delivers electrical energy to commercial, industry and consumer demand.

However, in order to meet the growing demand for power and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, we need to have an electric system that can be used in a sustainable, reliable and economic way. Smart grid and smart meters are the new power grids, which has been used in some countries to obtain the sustainable uses. They hold potential to benefit customers and the environments.

This report is meant to give an overview about the smart grid and smart meters by describing what is the smart grid and smart meter. In addition, it introduces several technologies from these power grid systems and how these technologies impact on the environment and renewable resources. The report also presents the benefits of using the smart grid and smart meters, which associated with our way of life. Thus, the disadvantages will also be discussed.

1. Introduction
The power system has played a vital role in our daily life since the first power
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