The Smarter : The Story Of The Hogwarts

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They couldn’t possibly find out what is going on. They would at no time believe me if I told them Quirrell wasn't the stuttering idiot he shows to be. The Great Hall was noisy and these thoughts filled my head as I sat stiffly. Soon after, Quirrell came bursting in, his voice shrieking. He looked petrified but I knew it was an act. He squealed about a giant monster was in the dungeon. Quirrell’s face turned into a bloodless hue and blacked out in front of Dumbledore’s chair. Dumbledore scrambled to rise and demanded the first years to follow the prefects. I withdrawing myself from the children and swiftly followed a deserted side corridor towards the third floor. Looking inside the door, I entered to see if the evil one was inside. My…show more content…
Harry quickly looked down after a piercing look. I could see the resemblance between Lily and her son. Lily would be proud. I regret her death greatly. He looks like his father. James saved me and now I must repay him if it's the last task I do. Unbelievable events might be caused by Harry’s death. Without my debt repaid, I still lived with regret and a heavy burden. He needed to stop creating panic in the school.
The next day, I discovered Harry and his group out in the frosty Quidditch grassland and trudged with my injured leg toward them.
“What's that you've got there, Potter?” I questioned. He held up a book titled Quidditch Through the Ages.
“Library books are not to be taken outside the school,” I strictly mentioned. "Give it to me. Five points from Gryffindor." I proclaimed hoping they didn't notice I was limping.
Afterwards, I limped my way to the staff room. There I met Filch who was helping me heal this bloody bite. Filch passed me the extensive bandages . Soon after I mentioned the dogs, I heard the door whisper as Harry Potter fixed himself to stand by the door. "POTTER!" I yelled from the bottom of my lungs. My face filled with fury as I dropped my robe quickly to hide my scarred leg from him. I thought Harry Potter was going to end up finding information he shouldn’t if he keeps being the noisy kid he is.
“I was wondering if I can get my book back,” He said stuttering.

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