The Smartphone War : Apple Vs. Samsung Essay

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The Smartphone War: Apple vs. Samsung For five years, Apple and Samsung have been costing each other billions of dollars with their constant competition. Today, Apple and Samsung are the largest manufacturers of smart phones in the world. In fact, these two companies combined account for more than half of the smartphones sold worldwide each year. This makes them a duopoly in the smartphone market. As time has progressed, technology has become a necessary part of modern life. This has caused the demand for a mobile device with superior computing abilities to become a top priority for modern day consumers. Although Apple appears to dominate the smartphone market with the iPhone, it continually faces increasing competition from Samsung through its Samsung Galaxy product line. Through massive advertising, unique features, technological advances, and court battles these two companies have become bitter rivals in the quest for the title of “best smartphone”. This rivalry all began when the former Apple supplier, Samsung, introduced a device shockingly similar to the iPhone. The Galaxy S was considered to be pure piracy by the executives at Apple. The overall design of the phone was almost identical and several patented Apple features such as the “pinch to zoom” feature were essentially stolen. In the months and years that followed, Apple and Samsung would clash on a scale that would cost the two companies more than a billion dollars and bring about millions of pages of legal
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