The Smell Based Alarm Clock

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Product Description
The Sensorwake smell based alarm clock is a different type of alarm clock that operates on the principle of olfactory senses rather than auditory senses. The alarm clock wakes one up using an intense sense as opposed to loud sounds that are characteristic of contemporary alarm clocks. There are a variety of scents including espresso, peppermint, hot croissant and chocolate (Pulvirent, 2016). The makers of the alarm clock came up with the scents while working in conjunction with a French perfume house. The scent permeates for two minutes. The scent system is backed up by a beep in the event that the scent alone is insufficient in waking up a person. According to Malicdem (2016), sensorwake makes use of a reusable scent capsule that lasts for 30 awakenings, which lasts for roughly a month.
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A SWOT analysis enables one to understand how competitive a product is. Below is a SWOT analysis of Sensorwake.

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