The Smile Ray Bradbury Narrative Organizer Essay

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ENG2D Narrative Organizer Chart: Short Literature Name(s): Lauryn Overholt & Stacy Willert Setting | This story is set in the future after warfare has destroyed nearly all traces of civilization. We know its set in the future because in the text it states the year is “2061”. We can interpret that its taken place after because in the texts it says “’Hate for everything in the Past. I ask you, Tom how did we get in such a state, cities all junk, roads like jigsaws from bombs and half the cornfields glowing with radioactivity at night?’” Specifically it takes place in a town square, as it says in the text, that we assume is in Europe because the painting, Mona Lisa is currently held in Europe. | Mood or Atmosphere or Tone |…show more content…
‘She’s beautiful’, he said.” He saw beauty when no one else did.Grigsby: antagonist, a man in the line waiting to see the painting. Grigsby at first is misleading, he seems to be the one to defend Tom by saying “Leave the boy alone,” but in the end he was encouraging Tom to spit by saying “”’Tom, spit!’” and “’Here I’ll spit for you!’” when Tom didn’t want to and then Grigsby turned on Tom like the rest of the mob. Grigsby is bossy, and careless. Grigsby has come across as a bossy character, he has always been demanding by always trying to be in control and by saying things like “’Tom is going to spit clean and true, right Tom?”. Also Grigsby is careless, when it was Toms turn to see the painting Grigsby barely gave him any time, and didn’t care to know why Tom thought what he did, and wanted to be in control of happened by spitting himself. | Conflict | Person vs. Society * This story seems to be Tom against “the mob”. Tom seemed to have a different outlook compared to the other people in the square. Person vs. Self * Tom also had a minor Person vs. Self conflict because he didn’t know whether to follow the crowd or listen and follow his feelings and aspirations. |

Theme | The theme of this story is that there is beauty and hope in anything and everything as long as you work for it. This story
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