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Smart Smithsonian The Smithsonian Institute provides us with 19 Amazing historical museums, but they can not be funded relying on solely government funds. All of the Museums are located relatively close to one another and most are on the National Mall. Each of them provides us with a different type of history, whether it's a culture, telling of history, or art. Also, they are a great place to learn numerous things. The Smithsonian Institute is a series of educational museums that if you donate historical items or some monthly donations it can help them fund their exhibitions and research that gives us knowledge about our past, different cultures and teach us about the present time and new technologies. Funds and donations to the…show more content…
The Smithsonian Institute has an American history museum that teaches us about our history. There is also museums that accommodate us with African American culture. “The world-renowned collection highlights art from China, Japan, Korea, South and Southeast Asia, and the Near East. Paintings, ceramics, manuscripts, and sculptures are among the favorites of this museum.” (Cooper) This is from all around the world showing us what life would be like in that area. The Smithsonian institute provides art from many cultures in museums. The most recent museum portrays the culture of African Americans, The African American History and Culture Museum. All of these museums can provide us with a knowledge of a country or region's culture.
The Smithsonian Institute and its numerous museums help us learn about the present and new technologies. At the Smithsonian, you can become an intern in different areas some of which include becoming a digital intern. The Institute also provides a profuse amount of education. “A major objective of the institution is to bring Smithsonian education resources to the nation through a comprehensive education program that focuses on the kindergarten through college student population, teachers at all levels, and lifelong learners.” (Craig) Also, the art museums contain modern art, not just the old
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“ Who would want to go to a museum full of old stuff and junk?” (States) Many people may have that point of view however if you donate you may want to help the Smithsonian Institute provide for other interested population. Another person may say that instead of selling it now they can keep it for a longer time and get more money, that is all and well things are worth more money in time but the value it's worth takes a very long time to increase you might as well get some instant gratification. Another plausible statement that has been brought to mind is why can someone just sell an item to a pawn shop and get their money there. That all good but if you are selling something worth $1000 the pawn shop will only buy it for cheaper than it is worth because they need their own

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