The Smoking Should Be Banned

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On August 31, 2008, Maine made the law for no smoking in cars with children under 18. Warnings were given out until 2009 of September 1st; but starting September 2nd of 2009, fines of fifty dollars would be given out if caught by police. The making of this aw, is to limit teenagers with their license to stop smoking in cars. Smoking should be banned in motor vehicles in all states if person is/are over 16 of age. For teens, smoking is a distraction just like talking on the phone or texting while driving. Cars the popular place where teens or adults smoke their cigarettes. It makes the time goes faster when you’re driving. Maine was the first community to make the law for adults over 18 to not smoke in the car with children under 18. Only a few people have been caught and/or warned about the new law of no smoking with children under 18. In my opinion and what other people have states, “This law should have been made the year smoking became popular, decades ago.” Second hand smoking is states it’s more dangerous than actually smoking the cigarette. Now that you know that Maine’s law of no smoking in cars with children under 18, I’m going to talk about other states. There are 7 other states and communities that have banned smoking in cars with children under a certain age. Arkansas have made the law of smoking with children under 14 effected in 2011 of July 27th. I think that’s a little young for a law of no smoking in the car with children. If I made a law of no smoking…

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