The Smooli Family and Issues of Child Maltreatment and Neglect: Case Analysis

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The Smooli Family And Issues Of Child Maltreatment And Neglect Name Institution Professor Course Date Genogram A genogram refers to a pictorial demonstration of a family's medical history and relationships. It is a physical and graphic picture that outlines the patterns of a family over a given period, usually three generations (Boyd, 2008). A genogram as a family assessment tool map the family structure, take account of family data and delineate relationships. It is a family health tree, which provides knowledge regarding familial and genetic disease besides highlighting family risk aspects and strengths. A genogram goes past a conventional family tree through making the user to envisage psychological aspects and hereditary blueprints that interrupt relationships (Hockenberry & Winkelstein, 2009). A genogram is useful in determination of rhythmic blueprints of conduct besides recognition of hereditary predispositions. A genogram is a significant tool that helps in collection of data regarding a young individual's family. The visual display of a given family can assist in indentifying themes or patterns that influence a family (Al-Yaman, Bryant & Sargeant, 2002). In this regard, a genogram is a valuable evaluation tool for learning about the history of family. Founded on the idea of a family tree, a genogram entails data concerning three or more generations of a given family, that offers a longitudinal perspective. As a visual diagram of the family's connection

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